Bosnia Fixer: local support you can trust for all types of production services

Bosnia Fixer is an effective network of dependable media professionals. We offer top quality local assistance to international journalists and production crews shooting in Bosnia. Our local production fixers can assist with sorting anything from location scouting and logistics to local talent. In addition, we offer general production assistance through our nationwide contacts.

Our Bosnia fixers have a wealth of experience from working with international crews and we can provide references if needed.

Bosnia Fixer is a member of ProductionCenter.TV, an international network of media professionals working locally with journalists, TV and film crews to make international production possible.

Our list of services include:

  • General assistance (fixer services) for TV/commercial crews and international journalists covering Bosnia
  • Crew sourcing: we assist with hiring and negotiating rates with local crews in the capital Sarajevo and other parts of the country  
  • Location scouting & logistics management: we assist with location research and obtaining permits for international filming in Bosnia

Our Bosnian fixes can also serve in a range of roles within production teams including:

   Production assistant

   Production manager

   Location scout/manager

Our scope of services cover Sarajevo, which is the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina. We also have an intricate network throughout the country. This helps us provide production assistance both in large cities and remote areas.

Feel free to contact us if you are in need of local fixers for your news coverage or film production in Bosnia. You can expect a speedy response and we offer you an initial consultation and research for free.

Production Services

Support for international journalists

We offer fast fact checks, conduct research and organize logistics for journalists.

TV commercials

Through our local partners, we offer location, logistics and crew sourcing services.

General production assistance

Bosnia Fixer is your one-stop-shop for all production needs.

Film production

Film and documentary producers will find us an affordable but effective alternative.

Equipment rental & crew sourcing

We assist with hiring local crews and filming equipment in Bosnia.

Location scouting & permits

We help you find the right filming locations and settle permits and access for them.

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