Bosnia and Herzegovina is a beautiful mostly landlocked country located in the Balkans. Any producer thinking of filming in Bosnia has a diverse range of backdrops. They include breathtaking landscapes with lush limestone mountains and valleys, large forest land, lakes and a rich cultural heritage. It is quite interesting to find such an array of land forms and man-made structures within such a small area.

Filming Permits

Bosnia is receptive to international crews shooting in the country. There are no major restrictions on shooting. The process of obtaining permits for filming in Bosnia is also relatively straightforward and easy. Our local film fixers have thorough knowledge on any type of permit.

Access for Foreign Journalists

Entry for foreign journalists on press assignments in Bosnia is very straightforward. There is an extensive degree of freedom to cover news pieces and reports. 

Tax Incentive

There are currently no tax incentives for international shoots in Bosnia. However, cost of production is relatively low compared to other countries in the region.