Bosnia is a stunning country with a mix of natural scenery. The deep interior parts of the country are mostly mountainous and host some natural parks, lake, and rivers, forest, and waterfalls. There are also a good number of Soviet-era, Orthodox and Ottoman architectural sites which can be used as filming locations in Bosnia.

Below are some of the most popular filming locations in Bosnia that our film fixers can provide access to.


The capital city offers an interesting array of architectural structures. You will find an old Orthodox church, a Catholic church, a synagogue, and a mosque, all within walking distance of each other. Sarajevo illustrates perfectly the diversity of culture and religion in the country. Bosnia also offers other architectural structures suitable as filming locations.

Filming locations in Bosnia - Sarajevo

Mostar Old Bridge

This is another of the Ottoman structures within the country. With a plunge of up to 22 meters, the bridge is one of the most popular and it attracts divers from around the world.

Blagaj Tekke

Located just outside Mostar, Blagaj Tekke is a historic monastery situated strategically at the base of a cliff. The Dervish monastery is located next to the source of the river Buna. It offers a picturesque series of beautiful buildings in addition to its impressive natural landscape.

Blagaj Tekke - Bosnia Fixer


This place is popular as a historic town in Bosnia as well as for its impressive 22-meter high waterfall. Jajce also has some fortresses, watermills, and beautiful countryside. This makes it one of the filming locations in Bosnia to keep an eye on.

Mehmed Pasha Sokolovic Bridge

This is another historic Ottoman bridge located in Višegrad, eastern Bosnia. It lies over the Drina River as part of the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites.

Filming locations in Bosnia = Mehmed Sokolovic Bridge

Kozara National Park

“The Green Beauty of Krajina”, a 33.7 sq km national park, is a dense stretch of forest, hilly meadows, beautiful rivers, and lakes.

Feel free to get in touch – our Bosnian production fixers are happy to help securing permits for any of the above-mentioned filming locations.