Our fixers team in Bosnia operates like a full-fledged production company to autonomously sort location issues and provide general help during shooting. Additionally, we can assist in negotiating deals with extra crew for your productions or sort logistics.

Our fixers in Bosnia operate as freelancers, which is one of those things you will love about working with us since we do not charge you any fixed costs. We have contacts all over the country, which helps us to deliver as effectively as production companies in Bosnia, but at a much lower cost.

Location Scouting

No matter the type of shoot you are planning, we can assist you in researching and recommend top filming locations in Bosnia. We also assist you in getting filming permits and access anywhere required.

Crew Sourcing

There is a limited pool of directors, still photographers and directors of photography available locally within the country. This means you have to bring in key crew members from major European production centers nearby. Vienna, Budapest, Bucharest, Belgrade and Berlin are your major options.

You can contact our local production fixers to assist with finding and negotiating deals with local crew members in Bosnia.

Equipment Hire

There is access to basic filming equipment like camera, grip and lighting kits locally. However, if you are looking for more sophisticated gear for large scale projects, you might have to bring in your equipment from neighboring countries. Bosnia is an ATA carnet country so shipping equipment is relatively straightforward.

You can contact Bosnia Fixer for help with renting gear locally and we will help you find the best deals. Using our extensive network which also covers all of Bosnia, we can help you get the most affordable rental rates.

Assistance for Foreign Journalists

Our Bosnian fixers have a wealth of experience working for international journalists and media organizations. Whether you want to get the news from remote villages or big cities, our local fixers can make it happen. We can also assist you in arranging interviews with government officials, local celebrities and so on. Our production fixers in Bosnia can help with carrying out initial research and simple facts verification anywhere in the country.

General Production Support

Using our extensive network and vast knowledge of the filming and production landscape in Bosnia and Herzegovina, our local production fixers can assist all aspects of filming in Bosnia no matter the scale of your project.